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Case Study: Can doctors be trained as pilots do?

I’ve already shared with you how Al Raja School is overcoming the distance learning challenge and coping with the COVID-19 situation. I hope you found that video insightful. Today, I want to share with you another innovation that is happening right here in Bahrain, and show you how doctors are being trained in an immersive […]

“Thinking Pink” wins at NEFF2020

We are absolutely thrilled that our film “Thinking Pink: Resetting the NGO Model” has won the Best Scientific & Educational Feature Documentary at the North Europe International Film Festival 2020, which is part of the #FusionFilmFests network, but we also picked up a Nomination for Best Director of a Feature Documentary at as well! Congratulations […]

Thinking Pink Officially Selected for North European Film Festival

We at Arabia Video are thrilled that one of our documentaries – “Thinking Pink: Resetting the NGO Model” has been officially selected by the Fusion Film Festivals, North European Independent Film Festival 2020 and has been nominated for “Best Educational & Scientific Documentary” and “Best Feature Documentary Director“. Mahmood N. Al-Yousif, the documentary’s director, stated: […]

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