Arabia Video’s COVID-19 Available Services

Arabia Video fully supports our government’s and health organisations directives in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage everyone to stay at home. Your health as well as that of our employees is of paramount importance. We closely follow the published guidelines to ensure that everyone remains safe at this difficult time.

Keeping within these directives and guidelines, we continue to be open for business. Here are our currently available services:

  • Filming: We do provide filming services with a reduced crew and equipment. We ensure that our staff are fully protected and are aware of safety precautions at all times. We will work with you remotely to ensure that all pre-production and production preparations are done ahead of time so that filming time will not take more time than it should. We can also film in our studio in a controlled environment.
  • Video Editing: Do you already have video footage? Did we film for you previously? If so, it’s very possible to repurpose that existing footage, or even use some from a stock library to produce your film. We’d also be happy to polish your phone or tablet shot video. Let’s talk.
  • Motion Graphics & Animation: We can provide pre-built motion graphics with typography and icons as your film needs for the production of your explainer or infographic video.
  • Audio Production: We can record your audio in our studio in a controlled environment.
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