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It’s the little things

What thoughts cross your mind when you think of the creation of a corporate video for your organisation?

Expensive? Complex? Time consuming?

Yes, those are valid thoughts. And yes, in some cases, video can be expensive and complex. However, in the majority of situations today, coupled with a well thought out strategy, those conditions are truly things of the past.

Consider what GARMCO is doing for instance. They determined that they want to use video as a strategic communication tool. And with that in mind, they engaged us at Arabia Video with a small monthly retainer to create short monthly videos about subjects that are relevant to them. This monthly retainer gives them the opportunity to be more agile in their communications efforts by creating productions for both internal and external consumption.

In addition, GARMCO found that their employee happiness and loyalty has increased.

Have a look at the above Ramadan greeting video series for instance; don’t you feel the hairs on your arm rising? Doesn’t it make you feel happy? Imagine the good will capital these simple videos are raising with all who watches them. And that’s the start of loyalty to a brand, and that good will, will place GARMCO as top of mind when it comes to their customers and prospects’ purchase time.

Ms Hind Al-Sabbagh GARMCO

Sharing GARMCO’s success in this endeavour, Ms Hind Alsabbagh, the Head of Corporate Communications said, “Videos are the best form of communication to convey a message in less time with a deep impact on all business partners and stakeholders. The Arabia Video team has helped us in reaching wider audiences and achieving our marketing goals. The highly skilled team created professional and beautiful corporate contents, which have elevated our project ideas sky-high. They understood all of our requirements and proposed outstanding concepts. Their work has already attracted many of our worldwide business base. We are glad that we have chosen Arabia Video as our video content creation agency.

What’s stopping you from following suit?

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