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Advanced Facebook Advertising Tactics to Use Today

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Facebook marketing isn’t about pages or posts or simple advertising anymore. Nowadays there are many advanced Facebook advertising tactics and strategies that go much deeper than the basic Facebook advertising you may be familiar with. Facebook makes it very easy for companies to get started with advertising but to get the most out of your ad spend you should be considering the more advanced Facebook advertising features.

In this post we highlight some of the options available to companies looking to take their advertising to the next level.

Get the most from ad types

Video Advertising

Facebook has recently introduced video advertising which captures a larger audience by integrating captivating visuals with sound and allows you a longer time frame to get your message out. We know from experience that video dramatically increases engagement so combining this with the potential of increased paid reach is a great combination for advertisers.   

Why go with video advertising?

  • Competitive Advantage. Because its new not a lot of companies are currently using it 
  • Unlike other advertising campaigns, you can also have your video appear organically as a post on your page
  • Video ads can contain calls to action allowing to drive traffic to your website
Organic Post Promotion

Dont let your best content get lost down your timeline. By analysing your best content and turning it into an ad you can maximise the impressions you get for content you already know is popular with your audience.  

As of January 2015, Facebook has cracked down on post promotion and if not done correctly, you may see reach dropping significantly on your posts. Focusing on non-promotional, useful content will set you apart from your competition.

Monitoring your organic content for successful content and then using this as a basis for a promotional ad is a great tactic for targeting your audience.

Competition and Contest Focused Ads

Combine your ad copy with a competition or contest to engage and entice a wider audience. There are various types of Facebook contests that you can run, from the basic ‘enter to win’ to elaborate video contests that promote customer interaction, engagement and even stakeholder involvement through judging and Q&A.

Each has different benefits and may be more valuable depending on your type of business and campaign goals. The benefits across the board for running competition focus advertising include:

  • Great tactic for data mining and increasing your mailing list
  • Rapidly increases customer and fan engagement
  • More social sharing and viral opportunity 

Advanced Targeting

Unlike Google Adwords, the success of a Facebook ads campaign isn’t determined by how well you target an individual search term, but instead by how deep and advanced your targeting is and how well you understand real human interests and how they relate to each other. Your image and copy is important but successful Facebook ads campaigns are usually dictated by successful targeting.

Facebook allows you to target your audience according to demographic (age, sex, location) as well as interests, which isn’t too bad if thats all the information you there are also more powerful targeting options which you can use to get the most from your campaigns. 

Custom Audiences 

You can create a custom audience based on your existing email mailing list . By doing so you are making your ad seen by people you know are interested in your products or services.

Look-a-like Audiences

A look-a-like audience is a feature where Facebook will analyse an existing audience and then create a new, larger audience with similar attributes. Lookalike audiences help you reach people who are similar to your current customers.

So for example you can create an audience based on your email list and then create a larger audience with similar attributes though the look-a-like feature. You can further refine your look-a-like audience by country and interests to make sure you’re only reaching the people that matter to you.

Psychographic Persona Targeting

It’s a great start to target according to demographics and interest – but what about behaviour, lifestyle or even employment status and job title? Psychographic persona targeting allows you to break your audience into to the most intricate of not only interests but also buying attitude.

For example if you know your audience is interested in video games you might target ‘video games’ as an interest. With psychographic targeting you take this a step further by asking what magazines or blogs they read and adding these into your targeting. This type of targeting then allows you to build up layers of interest around your ideal customers.  

Platform Targeting

In addition to knowing your customers buying behaviour, its also important to understand how they are browsing the web and that is where platform targeting comes. Are you in the business of for instance selling international alarm clock? You would want to target people on the go who mostly access Facebook on their mobile phone and then target your ad exclusively to mobile users.

advanced facebook advertisng tactics landing page

Lead Generation

The ultimate goal from your Facebook advertising campaign will be to increase your bottom line – whether that be through sales, service contracts, student registration etc. To do that lead generation, conversion tracking and retargeting are advanced Facebook advertising tactics that significantly increase your ability to turn brand awareness into converting customers.

Landing Pages 

A landing page is a dedicated web page designed to get your prospect to take action. They are used to capture user data, such as a name and email address, and to collect the information you need to contact them and turn them from mere ‘fans’ to customers and customers. In our experience creating landing pages that are relevant to your ads is the single most powerful action you can take when trying to achieve a high ROI for your ad campaigns.

The best way for this is to create an ad visual that is strong enough to get them to click on it- once that is done your next step will be to have an exciting, well designed and information rich landing page that will make them stay and enter in their information. This can be done by asking them to sign up for a quote, download a free whitepaper or even a coupon.

Landing pages can be published inside of Facebook, (as a separate tab on your page) if you don’t have a website or as a stand alone web page.

Conversion Tracking

If you drive ad traffic to an action orientated landing page how do you know how successful your offer is? Conversion tracking allows you to actively track the people who click on your ad and monitor if they complete the desired action. This gives you the ability to measure the ROI of  your ad campaign by reporting on and assigning value to the actions people take after your ads are served. With these insights you can adjust your landing pages and ads to further increase your conversion rates.

The great thing about conversion through Facebook ads is that by applying the offsite pixel (the code snippet that allows Facebook to track the actions taken) your ad is shown to people who are more likely to perform the action you want them to (register, download, shopping cart checkout etc).

These are just a few possibilities with Facebook advertising. If you think you could benefit from advanced Facebook advertising, talk us to us about your goals and we will help you achieve them.  

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