Testimonial by Glenn Ensor of PennWell

Testimonial by Glenn Ensor of PennWell Int’l (2013)

In this testimonial by Mr Glenn Ensor of PennWell reflects on the relationship between Arabia Video and PennWell which was carefully and fruitfully built over the years.

Long term relationships are very important to us at Arabia Video. We deeply value these relationships and work very hard at making the partnership work for the long term. PennWell is one of our primary clients. We started the relationship in 2007 and we continue to break new ground and deliver better content every year.

Mr Ensor, the Director of International Events at PennWell, is the visionary leader whose responsibility is ensuring the success of every event they organise. His astute leadership and complete understanding of how a dynamic and authentic medium like video, has extracted many benefits for the marketing and success of his events.


Testimonial by Glenn Ensor of PennWell Int’l

Approximately 6 years ago when we started our relationship with Arabia Video, we were at a place that we realised that in order to market our shows we needed to embrace – primarily – the very vivid media of the net to reach out to people because we were noticing that far more of our registrations were coming via these sources. And although we still continue with many printed materials, it’s become the most important part of it. We needed a way to bringing that alive, rather than just an electronic version of what we print, and the relationship with Arabia Video has absolutely helped us do that.

In our company, even parts of the company that don’t use Arabia Video services at the moment, you’ve become a by-word for quality. The innovation in the presentation of the materials, the commitment on-site, the understanding of what it is we want to achieve which is grown over the six years but was really there innately from the beginning is something that we greatly, greatly appreciated and we certainly look forward to developing that relationship.

In terms of its direct effect on our marketing efforts, it’s immeasurable. However, we wouldn’t want to go back to where we were before our relationship with Arabia Video. We get a lot of compliments on the quality of the videos, the way we present our keynote sessions and our plenary session at Europe, these set-piece occasions have really gone up with the promotional films that you guys produce, and again, we never really have to ask twice; we give a brief and its understood and professionally delivered. So it’s a relationship we see in a very positive light and we look forward to many years of working together.

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