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Death by Google Docs?

I, like many of you I suspect, have sat through interminable and painful PowerPoint presentations the sole purpose of which seemed to have been to strengthen our latent view that the end is nigh. And you, like me, would have done anything to accelerate its occurrence just to get out of the room without murdering the presenter.

PowerPoint Presentations are so unnecessary in a lot of situations. I continue to advise clients that rather than subjecting their audience to a fate worst than death, to include some elements in their presentations which are only critically important and then learn how to present and engage the audience. Yes, we can’t all be Steve Jobs, but it wouldn’t take too much of an effort to involve other key people within the organisation into the presentation and to include product demonstrations too through the incorporation of short video clips as a way of maintaining and furthering interest. A couple of our clients have taken me up on the offer and experienced success, I’m happy to report.

Others, well, like most, continue to subject their audience to “Death by PowerPoint”. So when I saw a link to “How To Create An Epic Animation Using Only Google Docs” on Laughing Squid, I didn’t bother to suppress a yawn… but as we’re on yet another holiday in Bahrain at the moment, I clicked.

I’m glad I did! I didn’t expect that any part of Google Docs can be this advanced and has the tools to enable this much creativity! After watching the following animation, I think you will agree with me that a new investment in time to discover Google Docs is much warranted.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends. And may your presentations be anything but Death by PowerPoint!

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sree - 3 January 2011 Reply

Thank you for sharing this. I find it very interesting, and as soon as i stop typing, i shall research even more on Google doc. cheers!

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