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What’s the BEST Camera?

The one that’s ON you! Especially if you’re into capturing moments because if you do not have one on you, then that opportunity is lost for ever. That’s why I believe that the best cameras are not the behemoths that we professionally use where everything is calculated and various aspects are taken into consideration, but […]

Storytelling gazumps equipment, every time!

The Story, is always king. The way to tell it requires expertise, creativity and fineness. Where in the previous two statements did I say anything about equipment? Those are the very last thing a storyteller should consider. While good equipment will probably provide a better final result when coupled with professional production techniques, “normal” equipment […]

A flight from hell!

I’m really impressed with iMovie for the iPhone. I never thought it would be that intuitive to use nor did I imagine how productive this tool could be for a storyteller or communicators. I’d encourage everyone with even a passing passion for storytelling and filmmaking to “invest” the $4.99 to get it! This is me […]