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On storytelling and tools, which drives which according to George Lucas


George Lucas was interviewed by Charlie Rose recently in which Mr Lucas asserted: Whenever there’s a new tool, everybody goes crazy and they forget that there’s a story and that’s the point. You’re telling a story using tools, you’re not using tools to tell a story. Which is something I completely and unequivocally agree with. […]

Interviewing the Interviewer, with the BBC’s Stephen Sackur in Cologne

Interviewing the interviewer! With the BBC's Stephen Sackur

I had the privilege of meeting and filming Stephen Sackur recently in Cologne where he was moderating a panel discussion about Europe’s power industry, specifically about the Nuclear issue during POWER-GEN Europe 2012. Yes, my job is fantastic in that I continuously meet great people who inspire me in several ways. I know that through […]