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EDB’s Invest in Bahrain Case Studies

The latest thrust of the Bahrain Economic Development Board is to entice more foreign direct investments into the country by showcasing companies who have believed in Bahrain, its economy, infrastructure and business governance and established themselves in the country. The majority are now reaping the rewards of that decision. The EDB chose ten companies to […]

On storytelling and tools, which drives which according to George Lucas


George Lucas was interviewed by Charlie Rose recently in which Mr Lucas asserted: Whenever there’s a new tool, everybody goes crazy and they forget that there’s a story and that’s the point. You’re telling a story using tools, you’re not using tools to tell a story. Which is something I completely and unequivocally agree with. […]

Calligraphy in modern graphic design

To me, Arabic calligraphy is elegance personified. Not many things can compete with the flowing lines, the intricate patterns it creates and the sense of passion and wonder it emphasises. My father, rest his soul, had employed Arabic calligraphy in many of his paintings. I’m blessed and fortunate enough to own a few of those prints and […]