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Planning for Success – Jaleel Sharaf – Bahraini Views

Starting from humble beginnings with a small office in the Bahrain Business Incubation Centre after suddenly finding himself out of a job, Sayed Jaleel Sharaf created one of the most successful ICT groups in Bahrain. His crowning achievement was winning the highly prized Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoom’s top prize for a Middle Eastern innovative […]

Pursuing Dreams – Ammar Al-Aradi – Bahraini Views

Everyone scoffed at the idea of establishing an electronic magazine in Bahrain, let alone for the thought of it being successful. Ammar thought otherwise. Quiting from a secure job with a good income, he pursued his true dream of doing something creative with his life, rather than be behind a desk. His creation, HalaBahrain, after […]

Clear Vision – Abbas Mahdi Hassan – Bahraini Views

Abbas Mahdi Hassan was one of the first benefactors of the EDB’s program to help SMEs with the provision of industry consultancy. His company was one of the first 10 selected in 2006 to receive subsidized consultancy, and the effect of him receiving this consultancy was a key factor in his transformation and accelerated growth. […]

Triumph Over Difficulties – Tariq Khalaf – Bahraini Views

Tariq exemplifies the determined and courageous Bahraini spirit. After expanding a successful business, overheads and market conditions conspired to present a big loss to Tariq. He recognised a desperate situation; hence, closed down the ailing business and from its ashes he was able to reestablish his success and paid off all of his dues. Tariq’s […]

Forging Ahead – Sayed Fadhel Shubbar – Bahraini Views

Not being able to finish his formal education due to mitigating circumstances didn’t stop Sayed Fadhel from working at various low-level jobs with pride, learning from the experiences and recognising opportunities and taking them. Starting from the humble beginnings of gutting fish and working as a labourer in the Manama Central Market to eek a […]