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Triumph Over Difficulties – Tariq Khalaf – Bahraini Views

Tariq exemplifies the determined and courageous Bahraini spirit. After expanding a successful business, overheads and market conditions conspired to present a big loss to Tariq. He recognised a desperate situation; hence, closed down the ailing business and from its ashes he was able to reestablish his success and paid off all of his dues. Tariq’s […]

Forging Ahead – Sayed Fadhel Shubbar – Bahraini Views

Not being able to finish his formal education due to mitigating circumstances didn’t stop Sayed Fadhel from working at various low-level jobs with pride, learning from the experiences and recognising opportunities and taking them. Starting from the humble beginnings of gutting fish and working as a labourer in the Manama Central Market to eek a […]

It’s Time to Act! – Khawla Al-Muhannadi – Bahraini Views

With the UN’s rallying call of “It’s Time to Act” to do something to save our environment, Khawla heard that message and took it to heart. Not long after that, she started the internationally renowned “Environment Friends Society” in Bahrain through which she expounded her love for the environment, and through her passion convinced many […]

Raising the Bar – Abdulla Al Mabad – Bahraini Views

Not succumbing to frustration of having to wait for games to be brought to Bahrain and then made available at extortionist rates, Abdulla took matters into his own hands by researching the games market in Bahrain more thoroughly to take established businesses head-on. A challenge he was happy to take. He successfully gained the representation […]