Is your About Page killing your business?

Most of your website visitors head straight to your ‘About’ page to evaluate your company and whether they want to do business with you. It’s the most visited page on any website. Unfortunately most ‘about’ pages leave visitors unimpressed. So how do you go about creating interesting About pages?

More to the point, how is your ‘About’ page doing?

Is it engaging and does it inspire trust?

If you think it is, then great. You can move on. Otherwise, the following should be interesting.

One cure to that monotonous About page is to add engaging content and personalising element. We’ve found that a video featuring your company’s leadership talking about your company, products, history, or even one of your executives discussing why you exist is most relevant. This type of video will increase engagement and familiarity with your audience, keeping your brand top of mind when the time comes for them to make a decision to do business with you.

We at Arabia Video can produce such an engaging video for you. Being a small entrepreneurial business, we know what it takes. We also categorically know that magic won’t automatically take place by simply turning on a camera and pointing it at someone and hoping for the best. It takes experience and sensitivity to ensure that outcome. It is by using this experience built over decades that we have honed this process and made it impactful, quick and economical.


If your executives aren’t available for filming due to time constraints or any other consideration, that’s fine; we have a solution. We are ready to provide an actor to take their place and talk about your company using a pre-approved script. Let us know your preference and we’ll make things happen.

Video is a very powerful medium. Unlike text, it conveys emotion. Adding this type of video in your ‘About’ page will make it more dynamic, interesting, impactful and will inspire trust in your company and brand. Have a look at our own about page for inspiration.

How much will this cost? It starts at just BD425.

Let’s get this done. Simply fill in the form below or call Mahmood on +973-33668811.

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