Facebook Advertising

?Target the 580,000 residents who regularly use Facebook in Bahrain

Facebook advertising makes sense for a lot of companies. Social media users are one of the largest and fastest growing segments on the web. Arabia Video provides Facebook advertising services for companies looking to take advantage of one of the world's fastest growing ad platforms. 

Why Use Facebook Advertising?

Facebook ads give you total control over your budget, the ability to instantly change poor performing ads and when managed effectively are cost-effective compared to traditional advertising.

With Facebook you can target your ads to a relevant audience though interests, gender, language and age among others. This takes the guesswork out of advertising. No longer do you have stick up a billboard and hope the right people see it.

We can help if:

  • You manage your own social media presence but need expert help with adding advertising to your strategy
  • You are disappointed with your previous campaigns and want to increase the performance of your advertising
  • You need fast and aggressive social media growth with short lead times
  •  You are looking to actively capture leads though your advertising efforts

Our Facebook ads experts can manage your Facebook ads budget from start to finish


Selecting the right bidding strategy for your goals is essential for cost-effective Facebook ads. We test and choose the best bidding for your individual campaigns



We create you combinations of ad copy and and creative to test the effectiveness of your ads and refresh them when they become stale. 


Interest and demographic targeting are what makes Facebook ads so powerful. We provide you with sophisticated multi-interest targeting to reach the people that matter. 

We go beyond the basics with advanced Facebook advertising strategies for businesses and brands

Landing pages

Landing pages are stand alone web pages designed to get people to take action. Sending your ad traffic to an optimised landing page greatly increases your ability to generate leads. 

Video ads

Many companies advertise on Facebook but few use video ads. A video ad sets you apart from the competition. Video is more engaging, has higher click though rates and is a more effective sales tool.  


Did you know that you can serve Facebook ads to anyone who visits your website? Retargeting is a powerful ad strategy that provably increases brand re-call and conversions 


Our standard Facebook ads plans

FeaturesBrand awarenessAdvanced Brand AwarenessConversion
Advertising strategy???
Campaign set-up???
Ad artworkup to 3 adsup to 3 adsup to 5 ads
Artwork delivery???
Ad copy???
Video ad ? 
Facebook targeting???
- Demographic Targeting (age, gender, location, marital status)???
- Interest Targeting???
- School/Profession/Workplace Targeting???
- Employment Targeting???
- Newsletter List Targeting???
Keyword targeting ??
Persona targeting  ?
1 Landing page  ?
1 Thank You Page  ?
Digital asset delivery  ?
Email provider integration   ?
Daily monitoring?? ?
Bid management?? ?
Analytics reporting?? ?
Monthly refresh of ad creative and copy?? ?
Organic post promotion ? ?
Conversion tracking   ?

If you require Facebook advertising for specific goals, we can provide you with tailored and advanced solutions to achieve your marketing expectations. 

Custom Facebook Advertising
English / Arabic language?
Website custom audience retargeting?
Multiple landing pages?
Landing page A/B testing?
Email list building?
Which options is right for me? 

A large range of services are included with each of our Facebook ads pricing levels. We'll meet with you to discuss your budget, your goals and your industry to determine which level will achieve the best results for you. 

If you've never used Facebook ads before it may be a good idea to start with the basic plan which is designed to generate brand awareness online for your company either by building likes to your business Facebook page  or directing traffic to your website. There 10+ different ad types in Facebook and we help you choose the right ones for your marketing goals. 

If you require more sophisticated Facebook advertising, including video ads and a conversion focus our more advanced plans  are designed to actively generate leads for your company though deeper targeting and action orientated landing pages.