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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media in Multiple Languages

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Dual language and Multilingual Social Media Accounts Introduction For many companies and brands maintaining multilingual social media accounts are a necessity. Do you really need multilingual social media accounts? Before embarking on multilingual social media it’s worth looking at your existing fan base to see if your followers actually use […]

Zain Bahrain Ad Campaigns: Landing Page Analysis and Comparison

If you live in Bahrain, chances are at some point you’ve clicked on a link, either from social media or online ads, for one of Bahrain’s three major telecoms companies. These links all arrive, (or at least should arrive), at dedicated landing pages on the company’s websites. Landing pages are crucial for any company because if […]

Advanced Facebook Advertising Tactics to Use Today

Talk to us about your Facebook advertising goals  Facebook marketing isn’t about pages or posts or simple advertising anymore. Nowadays there are many advanced Facebook advertising tactics and strategies that go much deeper than the basic Facebook advertising you may be familiar with. Facebook makes it very easy for companies to get started with advertising […]