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Things that make us go WOW!

29 Ways to Stay Creative

We all suffer from blocks to creativity once in a while. Or, we get distracted with the many things which fight for our attention and we readily succumb to their pull. Facebook or Twitter anyone? Anyway, I’ve come across this video on Vimeo – who have a very nice “school” section on how to make […]

The Changing Video Consumption Habits

Which is not news to anyone with a smart mobile phone, and looking around Bahrain, that’s just about anyone. Unfortunately; however, there is no credible research done to find out the actual habits of media consumers in Bahrain. Thought again, from my personal observation, I would venture to say that the our numbers in Bahrain […]

Calligraphy in modern graphic design

To me, Arabic calligraphy is elegance personified. Not many things can compete with the flowing lines, the intricate patterns it creates and the sense of passion and wonder it emphasises. My father, rest his soul, had employed Arabic calligraphy in many of his paintings. I’m blessed and fortunate enough to own a few of those prints and […]