Producer/Director - Arabia Video


Arabia Video is looking for an experienced corporate and commercial video segment producer & director who will take over full responsibility of the project assigned to him.

He will be involved in all aspects of the project; from the pitch to the customer through to logistics, coordination, budgetary decisions, research and development, script and concept creation, direction and be an effective team leader.

Depending on the project at hand, he may be assigned production assistants, editors, and anyone else to ensure that our high standards are maintained while keeping a beady eye on the bottom line.

The typical activities of the segment producer/director we are looking to join our team are:

* Supervises the progress of the project from preproduction to delivery;
* Work directly with customers on creative concepts;
* Perform research and development as well as final script/concept writing and assessment;
* Organises production’s resources and schedules including setting budgets and allocate resources for a project;
* Possess excellent time management skills;
* Be a team player with excellent people skills, especially under tight deadline pressure;
* Troubleshooting and problem resolution skills;
* Ensure that projects run smoothly and ameliorate fragile egos.
* Knowledge of Arabic is an advantage.

Please provide industry references and links to recent work
Only successful candidates will be contacted

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