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We believe that businesses have good stories to tell. We know that our customers would rather dedicate their time on their business; so we become their most ardent fans and guardians of their stories. We tell our customers’ stories through engaging, compelling and well crafted films which empower their culture. We do that by engaging expert, dedicated and creative individuals with very high professional ethics who take pride in the films they craft and stories they tell.

We’re looking for a cameraman with a creative eye who will help us achieve this vision.

How to Apply

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A Camera Operator works with digital, electronic and film cameras in multi and single camera operational conditions, producing pictures for directors by combining the use of complex technology with creative visual skills. The work is based in either a studio, where the Camera Operator usually follows a camera script (which gives the order of shots practiced at rehearsal and is cued by the director during recording) or on location, where there is likely to be more opportunity for creativity through suggesting shots to the director. A Camera Operator usually works under the direction of a director or director of photography and is sometimes supported by a camera assistant (or a focus puller/clapper loader, although with the advent of digital and electronic cameras these functions are in decline). The role is an interesting mix of the creative and technical.

Reporting to the producer/director you will be responsible for production of video stories ranging from corporate interviews through to full corporate productions with multiple location shoots across the world. You will be part of our creative dynamic team. And you will make a difference to the better.

You should have experience of filming using modern cameras from RED, Alexa, Sony and Canon. Basic Avid workflow and knowledge is an advantage. For a cameraman, there is no such thing as a regular day. Film shooting schedules can be dictated by weather, environments, budgets and/or actor availability. Movie cameramen work on motion picture projects, and therefore may have steady work for long intervals followed by times when the individual is between films.

Part of the role involves interacting and maintaining good working relationships with other members of the camera crew, including sound recorders,lighting technicians, and actors.

This is an ideal opportunity for an innovative, creative, detail oriented and dynamic individual who is a self driven perfectionist excited about working with all things video related all things filmmaking.


  • Production and some basic post-production on video projects
  • Preparing a set for filming (lighting, furniture, background)
  • Report to Production Manager
  • Liaise with other team members (designers and new media developers), where necessary, to complete delegated tasks



  • Video production (shooting, lighting set-up, sound)
  • Previous production experience (agency or broadcast)
  • Well organised and proficient with a keen eye for detail
  • Educated to degree level or equivalent in video or film
  • Knowledge of video formats and standards
  • Ability to work under pressure

Required Skills:

A keen eye is essential for a cameraman. He or she must know how different lighting will alter the mood of a scene or overshadow an actor. An understanding of the effects of color, lighting angles and perspective depth are as important to a cameraman as the camera equipment itself. He or she works with grips who position the actual cameras to choreograph camera movement prior to each scene being filmed. At times, a film cameraman will work with special effects artists to place cameras on mechanized rigging and catch angles that would be problematic for a human being to follow.

Cameramen need an in-depth understanding of how their equipment functions. Even minor delays on film projects are costly, and could put a production over budget. The cameraman should know in advance the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment so he or she can assist the director in setting up shots in a way that will not damage the cameras.

Effectively operating a movie camera is a physically demanding task and requires the operator to be physically fit. On projects using hand-held equipment, the cameraman must have a steady hand and a sharp eye to follow and capture movement smoothly. Likewise, a cameraman must also be able to hold a camera in the same position for prolonged periods. Camera operators frequently stand, squat and crouch to capture required angles and perspectives for a scene. They may also stand on ladders or elevated platforms when filming.

Planning skills are essential for a cameraman. A cameraman must be able to take the vision of the director, examine the terrain of the film set, and then plot a course for the equipment to follow that will bring life to a concept. Communication skills are important, aiding the camera operator in understanding the director’s ideas while directing or coordinating movement with other members of his/her own crew. In the end, a movie cameraman’s job is to show the audience what the director envisioned.

Job Qualification Requirements

Minimum Education Level : Graduate or professional qualification in the field

Other Professional Qualification

Work Experience : 3 – 5 Years with experience in filming with RED, Alexa, Sony ENG/EFP and Canon DSLRs.

Qualifications :

  • Flexibility and resilience
  • Initiative and self reliance
  • Well organised

To be considered, send a web link to some of your recent work with a detailed explanation of your direct involvement in each piece presented. Also send in your updated resume, cover letter and salary expectations and referees list.

Only successful candidates will be contacted.

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