Why is Video Marketing Strategy a Necessity for Success

Dr Abdulrahman Alghareeb

We are living in a world where the visual has been proven as better and even more authentic than the written word. Brochures no longer are enough to sell a product or service. For the most part, those printed material get recycled or just thrown out unread. With a compelling, short and to the point engaging […]

Time to ditch professional cameras?

story is king, using iphone for news

I’m not sure it’s time to ditch professional cameras and gear, they obviously have their place and uses; however, I fully support the notion that it’s the story first and foremost, and the gear – whatever it is – second. Without a story to tell, no matter what camera equipment you use will just present […]

Zain Bahrain Ad Campaigns: Landing Page Analysis and Comparison

If you live in Bahrain, chances are at some point you’ve clicked on a link, either from social media or online ads, for one of Bahrain’s three major telecoms companies. These links all arrive, (or at least should arrive), at dedicated landing pages on the company’s websites. Landing pages are crucial for any company because if […]

Bahrain Virtual Tour Case Study: St Christopher’s School

This post will reflect on the story of an online immersive virtual tour we recently created for St Christopher’s School in Bahrain. The full tour can be viewed on St Christopher’s website. Please click the previous link to visit. The Sports Field Getting the idea right When St Christopher’s were looking for ways in which […]

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