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About Mahmood

Mahmood Al-Yousif profile pictureWho is Mahmood Al-Yousif?

I guess you’re here because you want to know a little bit about me, that’s fair enough. You want to know who is behind this site, or just feeling voyeuristic. Whatever the reason, I’m sure you’ll understand that it’s very hard to summarise one’s life, isn’t it? What can you really say about yourself other than born on whatever date and in wherever country or town. The schools, college or university you went to, etc. But then, to me, these factors aren’t really important. When faced with this situation, I find myself thinking: So what? Just about everybody on the planet does the same – give or take.

Let me try to satisfy your curiosity. I’m my own boss. I own and operate Arabia Video, a company that helps businesses thrive. We do this through engaging and impactful video production and content marketing.

I’ve had many hobbies through my life and still participate in most I started a long time ago. The format might have changed, but the enjoyment is still there. I have always been fascinated by the visual arts, having a father who was one of the founders of the contemporary art movement in the Middle East is bound to rub off on you.

I am also fascinated by technology and its potential, especially when it comes to communications and how that marriage can bring disparate peoples together. To aid in that effort, I started one of the first BBS (bulletin board service) in the Gulf in 1986. Stray Cats BBS proved popular with people connecting from all corners of the earth and formed friendships through that medium that continue to thrive to this day. After a short hiatus, I started blogging before that term was actually coined; I launched Mahmood’s Den in 1991 and have continued in the pursuit of attempting to bridge cultural gaps and making a difference to this day.

Through Mahmood’s Den I try to dispel the image that Muslims and Arabs suffer from – mostly by our own doing I have to say – in the rest of the world. I am no missionary and don’t want to be. I do; however, want to create a better understanding between our culture and the rest of the world, and prove that we’re not all nuts hell-bent on world destruction.

I hope that I will be judged that I made a small difference.

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