Case Study: Can doctors be trained as pilots do?

I’ve already shared with you how Al Raja School is overcoming the distance learning challenge and coping with the COVID-19 situation. I hope you found that video insightful.

Today, I want to share with you another innovation that is happening right here in Bahrain, and show you how doctors are being trained in an immersive and modern environment. One that allows and even encourages trainee doctors to make mistakes!

The Arabian Gulf University‘s Medical Skills and Simulation Centre wanted to show this specifically. They wanted to document students and their mentors working at the Centre, and show – rather than simply tell – how they deliver innovative and immersive education. 

The AGU SC simulates a real hospital environment and is fully equipped with the necessary devices and high technology equipment to provide these experiences to medical students.

This video is very different from Al Raja School’s. The first difference you will notice is that it is entirely in Arabic, and it is narrated. It also has many more people involved.

Videos must be created to suit the subject and objectives of the organisation. There are many ways to make videos of course, the common thing; however, is to ensure that the method used matches the required outcome and speaks to the video’s intended audience.

As the intended audience here is Arab – with students attending the AGU from all over the Middle East – it is entirely in Arabic. It is also narrated in order to reduce the complexity introduced by featuring many aspects and people within it.

Like the Al Raja School film, this one was produced during the COVID-19 lock down period – and of course we maintained full health and safety procedures for our client and employees. Taking this into consideration, we expedited the production workflow without sacrificing quality. We filmed this entire project in a single day and completed the postproduction within a week.

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