How the EDB celebrated AWS' win - Arabia Video

How the EDB celebrated AWS’ win

I hope you had the opportunity to consider how GARMCO had benefited from video communications to reinforce their corporate culture and strengthen the bond between their employees.

In this email, I wanted to share with you another customer success which I hope will inspire you. In this article, we’ll talk about our creation of a key explainer video for the EDB.

You will remember the win the EDB scored by bringing Amazon Web Services to Bahrain. They wanted a way to celebrate that, and more importantly to show potential users the real benefit AWS delivers through its cloud services. To do that, the EDB commissioned Arabia Video to write the script and produce an explainer video in both Arabic and English to communicate those benefits. The resulting videos were shown at a special high-level launch conference attended by the highest echelons of government, corporate, industry an technology firms.

Here’s the English explainer video:

Your organisation might be dealing with challenges like these too; how to communicate your vision to your audience, how to show them the benefits of your offerings and services, etc. Providing the answers to these challenges will actually also establish your credibility and leadership. So why don’t we schedule a meeting where we could talk about your challenges and determine how we might help?

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