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All the way!

We see it as our pleasure and responsibility to use our creativity, professionalism and humanity to help good causes and spread awareness in our community. So when we were asked to help in ThinkPink‘s 2017 campaign, we jumped right in.

We love ThinkPink because they always think outside the box and get the whole community to engage and contribute their time, which they happily do. This year, they’re doing something different and getting tens of women to help tie ribbons together. The hope is that they will get a ribbon that’s long enough to go around the Bahrain International Circuit. Can you imagine the length of that thing? The target is to make it the longest ribbon in the world! More importantly, as it will be held by hundreds of people, can you imagine the wider reach of the breast cancer awareness message? We think this is a brilliant initiative and is worthy of our support.

So, come 23 September 2017, we’ll be on hand to film the whole process, show the fun that was had, and the community coming together in their fight against breast cancer and increase it’s awareness. We’re determined to help Think Pink document the effort and get even more people involved by watching our film after the event.

In the mean time, we’ll continue to produce short clips that ThinkPink can use to increase engagement and make people more aware of their initiative. Here’s the first one we’ve done. Enjoy.

Would you like to contribute? #howfarforpink will YOU go? Register your sponsorship or volunteer. eMail ThinkPink on registration@thinkpinkbahrain.com and get involved.

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