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Wowing the Customer

We’re in business because we have a mission to accomplish. We started producing videos in 2006 because I believed that businesses were under-represented, and in fact most times are mis-represented, in the community’s psyche. I chose to start telling their real stories to show people the contribution they make to the community, their creativity, innovation and resilience too. I can’t claim that I have succeeded completely in this mission – sometimes you just have to do what you’re told – but for the most part I’m happy with Arabia Video’s successes.

We changed the way that corporate videos are made in Bahrain. We changed companies’ perceptions in what actually makes a good video. And they now accept that authenticity trumps glitter.

We’re not done yet, not by any means, but we’re not giving up. I believe that people respect authenticity, and marketing managers are starting to realise that too. They’re starting to accept the fact that content – the story – is a critical element and that it needs to be told properly and with care. That’s where we are completely in our element. We craft the story with complete collaboration with our customers, and the results of that successful collaboration is the big “wow” factor.

Here’s one example of that success that I am very proud of.

Wowing the customer

I hope that we’ll have the opportunity to work with you to create such a positive response, not just from you toward us, but more importantly, from your customers toward you.

Have an exquisite day ahead!


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