Testimonial by Glenn Ensor of PennWell Int'l (2016) for Arabia Video - Arabia Video

Testimonial by Glenn Ensor of PennWell Int’l (2016) for Arabia Video

This testimonial by Mr Glenn Ensor of PennWell was recorded at the end of the Power-Gen Europe 2016 in Milan, Italy. In it, he reflects on the relationship between Arabia Video and PennWell which was carefully and fruitfully built over the years.

Mr Ensor, the Director of International Events at PennWell, is the visionary leader who is charged with ensuring the success of every event they organise. His astute leadership and complete understanding of how a dynamic and authentic medium like video, has extracted many benefits for the marketing and success of his events.

Transcript – Mr Glenn Ensor, PennWell Int’l at Power-Gen Europe 2016 in Milan, Italy, June 2016:

We who are in the business of information provision, we are changing rapidly year for year, and that will only accelerate. The relationship with Arabia Video is one that we made as a result of sensing that change and knowing that we had to professionalize the way we presented ourselves on digital platforms, and in moving images, and putting the message out there.

Arabia Video has been instrumental in bringing us, I think, to a state of the art level in how we do these things at the show. Incredibly professional outfit, and also an outfit that is worthy of a relationship with a 106 year old family company like us. We’ve always had a very trustworthy relationship with you, and it’s one that we’ve always enjoyed.

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