Video for Exhibitions and Conferences

People respond to what they see, hear and feel.  Stories get told and retold again.  Using video can maximise your company’s presence while keeping your message intact. Video for Exhibitions and Conferences is particularly helpful.

Have you ever tried to tell a story of an event and found yourself forgetting key pieces of information?  Most of us end up losing parts of a story in translation through rehashing an experience. Pictures and write-ups are helpful, but they only capture a particular moment in time. So, when it comes to featuring your attendance at a trade show or exhibition, how can you keep your company’s story intact? How do you keep your audience engaged?

To identify with your expertise, your audience needs to feel like they are present with you. Video is a fantastic way to bring the energy of your efforts to your stakeholders.

Preserving your story and reaching your viewers is easy, regardless of location. Your viewers can follow your exhibition journey from start to finish. You can provide an immersive environment without compromising your narrative. Your audience can travel with you and see demonstrations of your products at work. This allows for a concise message, which  is consistent and professional throughout.

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Excitement is contagious! Share it with video.

Before your show, you can create hype and build interest through showing sneak peeks of what’s to come.  Adding video to your social media feed is a great way to engage customers in real time. You can advertise your presence at the event, key innovations to feature as well as including contests or promotions at your booth. Live-streams of discussions and demonstrations keep viewers engaged and present regardless of their physical location. Watching you at the event will drive website visits, and generate enhanced interest in your company.  You can add video tours of your booths; interviews with speakers, and event news coverage.  Afterwards, use video as a multi dimensional summary of your experience. Promoting your expertise comes easy when you can showcase your best moments. Relive and revel in your success!

Video is vast medium, so there are some considerations to put in place. A producer can weave together a concise yet engaging professional account of your story. A clear and defined aim is essential for this. Further, allowing plenty of time for production helps to ensure coverage of all angles. This helps your video team meet your objectives and make you look as good as you feel! From pre to post production, video collaboration typically takes about one to two months to complete.  Meticulous attention to detail and creative discussion bring life and colour to your feature. Do you have metrics in place to measure your success? Deciding what is important to you beforehand will simplify the process.

These are some ways that video can enrich coverage of your company at an exhibition, trade show or corporate event. Adding a new element of storytelling helps you engage your audience. Sharing your success will drive a wide range of fascinated people to approach you.

Have you used video as a corporate feature?  How did adding a new level of media coverage add to your storytelling? Let us know in the comments!

If you need to document your participation at an exhibition, or create the required hype to entice visitors to come onto your stand to explore your company and product, do let us know. Our experience in this space is unrivalled with over ten years of successes to vouch for that position. We can help you make your exhibition and conference participation reach much farther.

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