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The What, Why and How of a Content Marketing Strategy

content-marketing-strategy-what-why-howInbound marketing, content marketing, online marketing? As new media evolves, so do the semantics to describe what is in essence communication.

We tend to use the terms inbound marketing and content marketing interchangeably. But that’s ok, as long as you know what your communication objectives are.

Let us call our efforts Content Marketing, and define it. The clearest definition I found is from the experts at the Content Marketing Association.

“Content marketing is the discipline of creating quality branded content across all media channels and platforms to deliver engaging relationships, consumer value and measurable success for brands.”

In my opinion that definition pretty much settles the What, Why and How of Content Marketing.

Let’s break it down.


‘Quality Branded Content’; that’s the main ingredient in any content marketing strategy. This quality branded content finds a home through various platforms. Videos, webinars, blogposts, whitepapers, presentations, infographics etc.


Why should you opt for content marketing, when traditional marketing has been your go to for so long? Answer yourself this, does traditional marketing allow for two way communication?

The whole premise of content marketing is to attract customers and increase brand loyalty. With the change in buying behaviours, you can no longer depend on hard sell marketing. Consumers are no longer interested in that. What they hunger for is value.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”- Andrew Davis


Now that we’ve identified the What and Why, its time to bring it all together with the How. What classifies a good content marketing strategy?

First off, its important to answer a few questions to ensure alignment across the board. Some things to consider:

  • What are your challenges?
  • Your budget?
  • What added value can you offer your customers?
  • Do you have a clear view of your audience? (What are they searching for, which platforms are they most on? etc.)
  • Have you identified your brand voice?
  • Which tools are you most comfortable using for your content marketing? e.g. infographics, blogposts, video etc

We’ve spoken about the three Es of successful video marketing. Now apply it to your content marketing. This will be your strategy’s springboard. Now you can choose when and where to publish your content. There are two ways to go about it:

1. Campaign/single focus content marketing strategy

You are a perfumer with a new product line launching next quarter. The main ingredient is coconut oil. Your content marketing is a lead up to the launch. You start by identifying who your audience is for this line.

You create content around the ‘benefits of coconut oil’.

Throughout your campaign period you echo your core content through various platforms. You could start off with a video, then a blogpost, an infographic etc. You can even create social media snippets for constant communication and customer engagement.

Following the campaign, you carry out metrics, and analyse if you’ve met your KPIs. You can choose to repeat the campaign to a different audience.

2. Habitual content marketing strategy

Taking the example of the perfumer, habitual content marketing is continuos communication. New content is generated either weekly, monthly or even quarterly.

Content marketing would be happening before, during and after the launch of the new line. Content wont be about the benefits of coconut alone, but varied.

We’ve met with success combining both strategies. The best way to combine both, is to set you editorial calendar for at least 6 months with defined KPIs. Planning your message across your various platforms. Allowing for consistency in brand voice and engagement.

They don’t say ‘content is king’ for nothing! Your strategy will always revolve around the content you create, share and curate.

The Content Marketing Institute has a good resource on what to consider when setting down your strategy.

And if you prefer to farm it off to the professionals, we are happy to develop and deliver your content marketing strategy. Allowing you to focus on converting your leads to happy satisfied customers.

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