The Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

Have you ever wondered why some videos do a lot better than others? Why were they able to trigger conversations, build brand loyalty and go viral? In other words, what are the secrets of successful video marketing?

The simple answer is that there are no definitive answers; however, from our professional observation, we can categorically state that successful videos  are now no longer about the hard sell. Video is to engage, educate and entertain. These are the three Es of successful video marketing, and just as you have noticed, those do not include the phrase “hard sell”.

You are probably thinking “What’s the point of marketing if I’m not selling?”. Here are three ways video marketing can help you sell without having to resort to hard sales techniques!

1. Engage Emotions

1433868464_rocketThe number one rule for video marketing is to engage emotions. Create content that will allow you to communicate and build trust, while being visible enough times to establish strong brand recall which then materialises into loyal customers.

By inviting your customers to see what you, your brand and your culture is all about you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable making you relatable to your customers. Once they begin to trust you, you know that you are 90% there. The remaining 10% is whether there is an existing need, which if it may not be there at the moment, once it does arise, you will be top of mind.

Some examples of engaging video content could be of a staff event, appreciation dinner, employee generated content. You can also tell your brand or product story through behind the scenes videos, testimonials and through culture and brand story videos.

2. Educate

elearning-482x335-2-482x335Your customers, like everyone else, like to learn things. Video provides endless opportunities to educate, raise awareness and position yourself and your company as industry thought leaders. Not only are you giving your audience the information in the palm of their hands, but you are empowering them to make their own decision without having to feel pressured.

With the modern busy lifestyle and the prevalence of mobile, people no longer have the patience to read through a how-to manual, but they would be more amenable for videos that show them how things work. If these types of videos are visually interesting and easy to follow, you’ll gain their attention and be present in their minds when the time comes for them to make a buying decision.

You can use video as an explainer, show how a product update can be applied, and even address their concerns about industry specific news or events.

3. Entertain


Whatever the business you are in, you can always relate to your audiences’ interests and still stay true to your core business. For instance, if  you are in the business of selling cleaning products you might produce a video of ‘priceless and messy’ moments between a mother and her child.

This is known as branded content marketing and thats where you combine our number one rule of video marketing; engaging emotion, and offer an entertaining aspect too. Dove’s ‘Real Beauty‘ is a perfect example of an entertaining and engaging video marketing campaign. Its innovative and distinctive, making it such a memorable campaign.

To conclude, here’s what we’re saying: content is key. Concentrate on providing value in your content, and you will have gained the hearts and minds of your target audience. And when you have those, you won’t have to hard sell any more.

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