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Video Marketing Trends in 2016

With only one day left for 2015 to leave its mark, are you ready for 2016 and what it brings in video marketing trends?

We’ve said it several times, video is the essence of marketing, but how will 2016 shape the way we use video, and what are the video marketing trends that will take the lead in the new year? By 2019, it has been predicted that 80 percent of all Internet traffic will be to videos. That figure would be 64 percent higher than 2014 and a significant portion of the growth will probably occur in 2016.

Well we’ve scoured the internet, done our research and continued to listen to our clients, the market and what the experts had to say. Here’s a round up of some of the video marketing trends we predict for 2016. We hope you will keep them in your consideration for your own marketing plans.

Add sizzle to your event

So you have a big event and you think of video coverage for the event, what happens next? Your video is in archive which is good for documentation and records…but are you really utilising the full potential for your video?

Video Marketing TrendsSizzle Reels and Scene Setters are a great way to use your archived video footage to excite your audience, while allowing you an opportunity to showcase the progress you’ve made.

These types of videos also allow your audience to get a sneak peak on what to expect over the duration of your conference or event.

Live streaming

With the introduction of platforms like Periscope and Meerkat in 2015, live streaming exploded in the last few months. Believe us, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Companies and influential personalities have started to test live streaming and the best thing about it? It’s user generated content. Simply put, you will be engaging ten times more with your audience through live streaming.

Live streaming allows you to broadcast directly to your audience. Think product launches, announcements, trade shows and live Q & A sessions with your prospects and clients.

Take it online

As the CISCO study shows, the majority of internet traffic is from video. The appetite for online videos is huge, with Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat all continuously attuning their platforms to meet the demand and consumption of online video.

We are seeing more and more businesses embedding videos to the website directly and not just on video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo. The reason behind that is simple. They achieve better ranking and easier searchability which equals better engagement and conversion.

Make it mobile

Google, Wibbitz and JW Player believe that 2016 will see video taking on mobile. Mobile apps are dominated by the millennial demographic user; thats a huge demographic to be losing out on.

According to Wibbitz’s recent survey, 44 percent of millennials primarily consume content on their mobiles, while nearly a quarter rely primarily on social platforms for news content. What does that mean for your video marketing strategy?

Our belief is that you should stop the sales focused videos and move towards mini content rich videos and make sure your productions are in a mobile compatible format. According to the co-founder JW Player Jeroen Wagering, “only 10 percent of ads were delivered in a mobile-compatible format” so please make sure that your video content is generated with mobile play-back in mind.

As you welcome the New Year, remember Youtube is no longer the only home for your video marketing efforts. Start thinking of social videos, online video content and optimise your video for the new generation of consumers.

There you have it. These are the most important video marketing trends we believe will be shaping video marketing in 2016. Call us, we can help. We’ve been creating award winning consumable and cost-effective video marketing for ten years. We’ve pioneered this space in the Arab world and beyond.

We wish you a great start to the 2016, and here’s to your shifting your marketing efforts to the next level during it.

Hello 2016! We are ready for you!

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