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Beyond Kindness: Proper Corporate Responsibility for Companies Using Video

Corporate Responsibility Bahrain

Corporate Responsibility (CR) is a broad and occasionally misinterpreted term. Corporate responsibility incorporates three main pillars and is much more than Ad hoc acts of kindness, employee involvement in beach clean ups and blood drives that are just micro responsibility initiatives within a much bigger scope of corporate responsibility.

These are Social, Economic and Environmental responsibility. Effective CR and responsible business practice is determined by our actions towards People, Planet and Profit. 

corporate responsibility bahrain

Social Responsibility is defined by People.

How is your corporation and business model helping society and its individuals? What impact do you have on bettering the lives of not only your employees but also the community you operate in. Social Responsibility is the most popular part of CR that currently happens in Bahrain, with many organisations focusing their CR activities on training initiatives, human development and health awareness.

Environmental Responsibility is defined by Planet.

Environmental sustainability occurs when everything you do and the way you do business plays a role in reducing its negative impact on the environment. This includes the processes, systems and activities such as travel, paper and energy consumption and waste management etc.

Economic Responsibility is defined by Profit.

Economic sustainability involves making sure the business makes a profit, without creating social or environmental issues that would harm the long-term success of the company, the interest of its stakeholders, its employees, and the marketplace as a whole, ensuring that it contributes to strong economic growth.

So how can you reach that sustainability and truly make a positive impact? Continue to raise awareness and display an elevated level of quality in all that you do whether it be in the form of employee engagement, business dealings or community outreach.

The key here is to be transparent and invite others to take CR initiatives to the next step, and that, on its own is a huge contribution to sustainable development that can instigate change.

To allow that change to spread you need to think past the traditional mediums of reporting and awareness like a photo op in the society page, or a press release. You should be exploring more long term, mass distribution channels such as social media and video.

Several companies have moved towards documenting and reporting their CR efforts through video and social media utilising the longevity and viral potential of these platforms and in the process growing a wider base. Some examples could be found on 3BL media’s youtube channel.

Why video works so well for Corporate Responsibility

Video contributes to a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional asset delivery methods and so meets some of the environmental responsibility pillar within CR. Imagine printing endless pages of a CR report…

It’s an economically viable and cost effective solution.

Although it takes an upfront investment of time and money, these efforts remain evergreen. The always-on nature of video footage means that your content and investment are protected over a long period. 

It builds stronger relationships.

Video engages its audience with imagery, voices, and music – providing a holistic appeal to the senses, building an instant emotional connection between you and your audience.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

It generates a larger and wider reach.

According to Forbes Insight 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page. So it’s no wonder that many companies are moving towards video to raise awareness about their efforts. Not only are individuals more likely to watch a video than read a 30+ page CR Report, but what’s even better is that they act as your distribution vehicle.

According to the latest figures published by invodo, video accounts for 52% of all mobile traffic, with 92% of mobile video viewers sharing videos with others.

According to Forrester research, 1.8 million words is the value of a one minute video, so imagine how much of your message you can get through in 3 minutes?

Video, because of its flexibility and its viral potential, makes it an essential tool for engagement, whilst also being a cost effective and persuasive tool in telling your CR story.

A company that relies only on traditional media like print and written communications is missing the opportunity to connect with a growing audience that is always on the move.

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