5 Practical Reasons To Use Video Marketing

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Video marketing is fast proving to be the most important marketing format for businesses in terms of leads and sales. For companies, video has instinctive advantages in terms of storytelling, brand awareness and engagement, and brands not seeking to leverage video as a way of attracting customers are no doubt missing out on sales to those who do.

There are also practical reasons why video marketing is an absolute must for marketers today. As search and social evolves, video marketing is fast becoming an essential way to stay competitive in the reality of Facebook and Google algorithm changes. Being successful with your online marketing can rest on understanding the opportunities and limitations of the technology at a given time.

This post explains 5 practical reasons to use video marketing in 2015 and why video is a must to be successful in the current online environment.

1. Organic reach on Facebook is dropping

For brands and companies with Facebook business pages organic reach is dropping dramatically and it is only predicted to drop further in 2015. Average organic reach on Facebook as now dropped somewhere to between 1% and 6% and with news that specifically promotional posts will soon also be throttled the outlook for brands is looking increasingly uncertain.

This means to be successful on Facebook companies need to start experimenting with what works with their audience. For our clients video content is regularly reaching 15-20% of Facebook fans, almost double what we are seeing with images and text posts.

As you can see from the last 5 posts from 1 of our clients, video clearly outperforms images in terms of both organic reach and engagement.

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2. The power of YouTube InStream advertising

As organic reach drops and the ability to distribute content effectively across social networks’ reduces, paid media is fast becoming a must for companies and brands.

YouTube In-stream ads (the pre-roll ads that play before YouTube videos) are some of the most powerful and cost-effective ads available online. YouTube ads have the advantage of increasing brand awareness as well as driving clicks to a landing page, giving the advertiser the opportunity to provide direct offers and use retargeting.

YouTube’s figures suggest that 30% of people watch In-steam ads which is a percentage no company should be ignoring. YouTube will only charge for a view once someone has watched 30 secs of a video at least 30 secs long which means advertisers have a good indication that viewers are interested in the content of the ad and are not paying for views from disinterested users.

Typically a YouTube ad view costs in the region of $0.09, although for campaigns in Bahrain we’re seeing as low $0.05, making 1000’s of video views an easily attainable goal for small companies with tight budgets.

3. Google Loves Video

Video is 51x more likely to appear in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). This is a statistic companies can no longer afford ignore as conventional SEO continues to be less effective and content marketing and social media take over as drivers of search engine rankings.
In-depth informational content is ranking highly and clearly Google considers video a medium in which high quality content is delivered.

Along with ranking factors the front page of Google continues to radically change. Introductions such as the answer box, local places and product listings have meant screen real estate for standard results is constantly being squeezed. Google places a thumbnail in video search results so if your video ranks on Google you’ll have more visibility in SERPs. A Moz eye-tracking analysis found that video can actually command more attention than the 1st result in search suggesting video is an essential element to remaining noticeable on the front page of Google. This is an area where small companies can compete with larger competitors for visibility in search.

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Optimising videos for search is essential. Here are some things to consider when uploading your videos:

Include relevant keywords in the title
Include tags with relevant keywords
Provide a unique, detailed description with keywords
Include a transcript of the video
Get lots of views on your video
Get lots of likes/+1s on your video
Get embeds as a method for building backlinks

4. Email does better with video marketing

With the decline of organic reach on social media and with it the expectation of lower click trough rates, email remains one of the best marketing channels. Spending time testing and optimising your email campaigns however is essential as customers are increasingly wary of messages in their inbox that don’t provide any value.

Video adds greater interactivity and engagement to email campaigns and can significantly boost click though rate’s and sharing after your video has been watched. In one study 55% of marketers reported increased click though rates when video was included in email, and individual companies, Wistia for example, who’ve been running A/B tests on their email are also posting incredible increases with the inclusion of video.

As email clients don’t allow you to watch directly in the email, there’s a number of tactics you can use to send people from your email to your video. The simplest is using a thumbnail from the video with a a play button on-top and place a link to your video or landing page in the image. If you’re using a newsletter service like mailchimp for instance they provide various more advanced features for handling video in emails.

5. The cost of video is coming down

One of the major objections to video is that it is expensive to produce. This is no longer the case and companies, including us, are now offering professional video production at extremely affordable rates.

Companies and individuals can even go it alone. With some research and training it’s possible to create good quality video with a smartphone, which dramatically brings down the cost of entry into video production. Editing is often the most time consuming and expensive part of the production process but online services like Animoto are making it increasing easy for non-experts to create edited video for use on social media.


What plans do you have for video in your online marketing strategy?

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