RCSI CPR Video Launched!

I’m so proud that a video we produced may very well save lives.

We produced the RCSI CPR video demonstrating the latest standard in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) procedures. We shot the video on the RCSI property and everybody was so cooperative and committed to produce a video that will be remembered.

Two of the Bahraini football icons starred in the video: Humoud Sultan, the famous goalie and subsequently the national side captain, as well as the current national football team captain Mohammed Salmeen.

RCSI approached Gulf Air to embed into their in-flight entertainment system to be played on all its flights, and they obliged. From Sept 1st, 2014 the video will feature in all Gulf Air flights, and passengers will be alerted to its availability through the video PA system on take-offs, ensuring its viewing.

Thank you RCSI for this opportunity. Arabia Video is proud to be associated with such a community outreach project, and to potentially save lives too.

Now it’s your part, please watch the video. You might need to use the technique on someone you love and save their life. If you like the video, please “thumbs up it” and subscribe to our channel to stay in touch.

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