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While company brochures and websites do have their space in the marketing mix; nothing can replace video to create that emotional connection with a subject. Let’s face it, the only thing missing from video is the sense of smell, although labs are busy working on fixing that! Having a simple video profiling a company or its leaders is a really effective and cost-effective way to pull your audience in. They will see who you really are and what you represent much better than reading text content or looking at a picture.

At Arabia Video, we can help you create these profile videos. We’ve pioneered this format since we released the much acclaimed Bahraini Views series. Now, we’ve put a twist on that format and made it even more concise and impactful.

Meet our founder Mahmood Al-Yousif through his video profile here, and let us know if you’re interested in creating one for yourself, your company or its leadership. We look forward to the opportunity.

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