Thursday Learning: Lighting

130418-02-GB-ThursdayLearningThe difference that professionally produced videos exhibit, more than anything else in my opinion, is good lighting, and good sound. Without these two elements it could be forgiven if you label what you’re watching as amateurish. With this in mind, our indefatigable Suzanne Wilbrink requested that we cover the subject of lighting for video. She got her wish satisfied this afternoon.

This Thursday Learning was led by Mahmood and was ably assisted by the creative team at GB. In one hour, we demonstrated the basic 3-p0int lighting method and then augmented that with many more iterations of lighting styles and moods for both video and stills photography. It was really fun! We always look forward to the Thursday Learning

Enjoy this very short clip of the session to give you a sense of what we get up to in our Thursday Learnings. Thanks go to Hussain Almosawi for filming it.

For pictures of today’s Thursday Learning, please click here (and Like us on Facebook!). Do you want to present at one of our Thursday Learnings? Let us know.

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