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The Continued Rise of Video – Thoughts on the US Digital Video Benchmark 2012 from a practical perspective

It is no surprise to me, as an industry expert and insider, to note the continued rise of video on all of its platforms: particularly through Internet delivery. The report just issued by Adobe “The US Digital Video Benchmark – 2012 Review” uncovers many of the strengthening trends in this arena.


For instance – and remember that this report generally concerns itself with Adobe customer generated content, see methodology below – the report finds that digital video consumption has grown by 30% year-on-year in the last quarter of 2012 and that has been a staggering 50% growth in video streams since the first quarter of 2011 and that video views on mobile devices have tripled from 2011 and 2012!

video-on-mobile-devicesThe mobile video viewership also has some interesting findings. Tablet video consumption slightly outpaced smartphones. I personally believe this trend will continue to grow next year and will strengthen the report’s findings in that longer form content are viewed on tablets than mobile phones.

In Q4 of 2012, the video view rates were 12% for smart phones, 32% for tablets and 48% for PCs. The opportunity here, the report suggests, is that “the growing mobile audience provides incremental engagement and review opportunities for advertising … Publishers can capitalise on this target audience with high CPMs and incremental impressions” which is something that we at Arabia Video have long believed in. In fact, we created Bahrain’s first fully integrated online media channel in MyBahrain.ME with fresh video content added every month, and we integrated pre-, mid- and post-roll advertisements within videos. Special sponsorship packages are also available.

The report also finds that broadcast TV content drives the most views. That is, people consume interesting structured content. Another thing that MyBahrain.ME is good at.

video-in-socialmediaSocial media and video of course go together extremely well. They’re more than a natural fit, with the entrenchment of social media in our lives, video has found a natural home. Through social media and video, people got to better share their happening and emotions, something that text alone – or even pictures – cannot easily do. As for business purposes, video content generates more engagement. Here’s what I find interesting in the social media section in the report though; it states that:

  • Although more people use search and go direct to video, socially-referred video starts are more likely to be completed.
  • Facebook dominates the social referrals but Twitter is three times more likely to refer to a video than other type of content.
  • During 2012, video social engagement jumped from 42% to 70%
  • Viral reach of video also outpaces other types of content. In Q1 2012, viral reach shares was 55% versus non-video content, and by Q4 had grown to 77%!

The report outlines the opportunity this presents: “Offering more video content is one key to unlocking the value of social media. Brands should create more video for use in social marketing and publishers should increase social media marketing efforts to attract more engaged digital video viewers.” [italics mine]

Here’s another interesting fact that the report found: “Ads placed at the end of a video hav better click-through rate – about 3% – when compared to ads placed within or on the front end” this translates to if you wish to place an ad as a post-roll, then that add would serve your purposes better if it is a call to action.

The report also highlights the utility of mid-roll ads providing more and better engagements. Not only that, they promote viewing the video to completion in longer content. Mid-roll ads have the second highest reach and depending on the opportunity, they may deliver more engaged brand impressions. Here’s the really interesting thing: the report found that ads appearing  within the video – ie, mid-rolls – as opposed to before or after, promote completion, especially if the content is longer than two minutes.

This is a fascinating report and I encourage you to read it if you want to gain some insight on how to leverage video content and video advertising for your business. The report is available for download here. We’d love to help you achieve better reach too. Please contact us on +973-17599059 to discuss your requirements or fill in the form below and we’ll be in contact with you within 24 hours. We look forward to collaborating with you.

For those interested, the methodology used leaves no doubt that the report’s findings are authentic. Here’s how the data was compiled:

“This data is based on 19.6 billion video starts in 2012 and is comprised of the aggregated and anonymous data from media and entertainment websites. Additional sample information includes: • 10.1 Billion ads served • 457 Million Facebook Posts • 365 Million Facebook Comments, Shares and Likes • This data does not contain any User Generated Video Content (UGC).”


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