What’s the BEST Camera?

The one that’s ON you!

Especially if you’re into capturing moments because if you do not have one on you, then that opportunity is lost for ever. That’s why I believe that the best cameras are not the behemoths that we professionally use where everything is calculated and various aspects are taken into consideration, but are the smart phones which are ubiquitously on you.

I personally prefer the iPhone. Yes, I know that even the iPhone 5 has the same camera resolution as the iPhone 4S before it, but I believe it’s more than adequate for vlogging and – dare I say it – for some professional shooting situations too.

Reuters, in the following piece, seem to have confused these issues and dumbed it down. That’s a disservice to Reuters rather than the phone because they should have recognised the distinction in the various markets served by different camera requirements. Have a look:

I love my iPhone and have always used it to create my vlogs. Apart from being a good device overall, it’s also non-threatening to the subjects I interview or shoot. It almost always results in very good pieces; like these two for instance:

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and this one:

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