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Storytelling gazumps equipment, every time!

The Story, is always king. The way to tell it requires expertise, creativity and fineness. Where in the previous two statements did I say anything about equipment? Those are the very last thing a storyteller should consider. While good equipment will probably provide a better final result when coupled with professional production techniques, “normal” equipment – yes that includes your lowly mobile phone – when used creatively can tell your story just as well!

Have a look at this movie, for instance, it was created entirely on an iPhone. Yes, the shooting, grading, editing, special effects and audio was all done on the iPhone:

Once you’ve watched that, I highly encourage you to view this film which shows how the filmmaker managed to do this short but excellent film on his iPhone. It’s proof that storytelling gazumps equipment, every single time.

Did you produce any films on your iPhone (or other mobile telephones)? If so, please share them with us, we would love to feature them here. Alternatively, you can recommend other mobile phone films for us to watch. Just enter a comment below.

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