Gesture Control Systems, the best since the Smart Phone!

The first time I got to use gesture control was on an SGI machine running Alias Maya 3D application. What a thrill that was, and how very natural it felt after doing just one simple model on that brilliant system. Since then, many other systems have come along which were probably just as good, but were nothing more than copies of what Alias had to offer. OSX on the Mac today offers simple gesture controls to navigate the desktops, scroll and other operations. But all of these systems require actual trackpad touch, or mouse movements. Imagine what you can do if those gestures were touch-less, now that would be something great wouldn’t it?

In December 2012, a company called Leap Motion will release a US$70 which will allow you to say goodbye to your keyboard and mouse! Well, maybe not immediately, but if you watch the following video, you will understand what I’m going on about:

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Isn’t that just brilliant? Minority Report-style video walls and gestures for $70? I most definitely want not one but several of these widgets just to play around with the technology. I’ll probably give them away as thank you presents and watch the reaction just for fun!

But more seriously than that, imagine the possibilities: virtual surgery will definitely be a closer reality, controlling intricate robots or machinery, or even creating organic 3D models will be a much easier enterprise, that, along with the myriad of other gaming applications this can open up.

I’m very excited!

Hat tip: Resolution Productions, Qatar

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