HELP! What do you know about Diabetes?

The Rotary Club of Salmaniya are creating a campaign for diabetes awareness. Part of this campaign will be in the form of video testimonials of people who have been affected by diabetes, both directly or indirectly and how diabetes has impacted their lives. Arabia Videowill be producing these videos.We need real people to give personal testimonials about how knowledge of preventing diabetes could have changed their lives. These short testimonials shall be in Arabic. The main message will be diabetes is preventable and bad consequences do not need to h

appen.Do you know of anyone who could be on camera to help others realize the benefits of early intervention? Someone who is:

  • A young mother who has lost a parent to diabetes before a child was born such that the child will never meet their grandparent?
  • A teenager who may have lost another family member (parent/sibling) to diabetes?
  • A teenager/person in 20s diagnosed with type 2 DM?
  • A person who has lost their sight due to diabetes?
  • An amputee due to diabetes?

If you do, please do contact us by email or fill in the form. We and your community will for ever be in your debt. The first phase of fighting any disease is awareness and your help with this will go a long way to help us help others.

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