Calligraphy in modern graphic design

To me, Arabic calligraphy is elegance personified. Not many things can compete with the flowing lines, the intricate patterns it creates and the sense of passion and wonder it emphasises. My father, rest his soul, had employed Arabic calligraphy in many of his paintings. I’m blessed and fortunate enough to own a few of those prints and paintings, one of them sits right in front of me in my office, and it always encourages me to look for passion and creativity in everything that I do, especially my chosen form of art – film. Here’s the print:

Beyond that. I’ve come across this video of the Iranian graphic designer Reza Abedini who is a professor graphic design and visual culture at Tehran University whom I don’t know much about.

However, watching him and listening to him talk so passionately about his art confirms one thing to me; that had I read about him and saw some of his creations, his passion would not have come through. With video; however, the story is different. I can see his expression and hear the timbre of his voice as he emphasises various aspects of his art; thus, bringing me – as a viewer – right into his sphere and bring me under his influence. Such is the power of video. I’m glad I chose this form of art to express myself and help others spread their spheres of influence through my medium.

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