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I’m not unique in loving slow-motion videography. The unseen-world that process opens up to us is breathtaking. The process takes the mundane – a simple water droplet hitting a surface – and it fills us with wonder. It’s not surprise then that new video cameras have some of that capability built-in, but to really appreciate that world, you need not only special cameras, but special techniques and methods to be able to capture and repeat the process.

The Marmalade, a German production studio, has perfected this and allowed us (through its clients) to share those wonderful moments.

The Marmalade, a special effects studio in Germany, has created an incredible high speed robot used to film precise moments during ultra high frame rate takes. The results look so perfect it looks like CGI!!

I’m not sure about the description of CGI as perfection, in fact, I don’t agree with that. I haven’t seen many CGI clips reflect the perfection that reality provides, just slowly, ever so slowly captured.

Enjoy this sample from The Marmalade. What an inspiration to start my morning with. I hope you will agree with me there!

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