Testimonial by Julie Sprakel of Think Pink Foundation

At Arabia Video, CSR is not an optional thing we subscribe to, it’s one of our core values. We see it as our duty to Pay It Forward. We get involved in various philanthropic efforts as a team. We use our creativity and expertise in order to increase the community’s awareness of worthy causes and that’s how our relationship with Think Pink Bahrain started.

We are thankful to Julie Sprakel and Think Pink Bahrain for all that they have done to tangibly benefit this country and its people. We are also very thankful to Jules for taking the time to record this short testimonial about our relationship.

Testimonial by Think Pink Bahrain
Julie (Jules) Sprakel

Arabia Video has been able to tell my story – that’s what they do, tell stories – and been able to broadcast my story to the rest of the world and a larger audience.

Without the help of Arabia Video and their team I’d never [have] been able to reach as many people in Bahrain. It’s a young dynamic team; they’re very accommodating; nothing is a problem; [they’re] open to ideas and really have let us be on a platform to extend ourselves to a different arena.

I think we highlighted the campaign very clearly with iCheck. And then walking around everyone was doing the iCheck logo. That film was able to go on YouTube and other social networks and also internally on electric billboard which are in supermarkets and things, so a huge demographics got to see it.

It’s very interesting to see how a lot of the Arabia Video employees can be square and fit in a round circle. When the cameraman is able to put himself in the back of a boot for a 5km walkathon and still smile, that’s dedication.

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