MTQ Exhibition Reel - Arabia Video

MTQ Exhibition Reel

MTQ Corporation Limited is a Singaporean Oilfield Engineering and Engine Systems company that has recently established a manufacturing base at Bahrain International Investment Park.

They commissioned Arabia Video to produce a short film to be aired at their corporate and sponsored events in the region; the objective of the film was to highlight the core services MTQ is bringing to the Middle East.

As the factory was still being built while the film was in production Arabia Video welcomed the creative challenge to produce a representative film that truly encapsulates the full extent of the manufacturing and repair services MTQ will be providing its customers in the GCC.

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Bob Spector - 11 April 2011 Reply


I run a post house in San Francisco CA and recently came upon your website. I just wanted to say that your work looks great and I especially like the graphic treatments in the MTQ video.


Bob Spector

    admin - 12 April 2011 Reply

    Many thanks Bob! Must appreciated.

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