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The New Toy: a RedRock DSLR rig with an ARRI follow focus

Mario with his new toy, a DSLR RedRock Rig with Arri Follow Focus

It’s just arrived and Mario wouldn’t do anything today before he configured and installed the new rig for our Canon 7D DSLR. That big smile on his face should be sufficient to tell you how excited he is. I am too! Talk about in it for the fun :)

We’ve actually already produced a number of video productions with the Canon 7D without the rig and the extra paraphernalia and the results are astounding. That’s what convinced us to invest more than the camera’s price (much more!) to purchase this RedRock rig and also add the excellent ARRI follow focus assembly. Now all that we’re waiting for is for us to take it to the field and produce some good movies with it. And as we’ve got four productions to complete in January with a few more booked for February and March, we will most certainly put the whole assembly to the test in various circumstances. I hope that we’ll come back and describe the experience from a cameraman’s as well as a director’s perspectives soon.

I’m glad that the rig arrived today for another reason, it will be a worthy come-back from extended holiday present to our excellent cameraman Bitoy. We’re all waiting to see his face as he greats what will definitely become HIS baby. That will be a sight to behold. I just hope that he doesn’t read this blog before he arrives tomorrow. If you’re a friend of his, then shut the hell up and don’t tell him yet!! ;)

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