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This is a fantastic and much awaited feature in movies and movie-making. Another paradigm shift that will transcend the 3D-craze? I certainly hope so. Making films with a viewer-supplied direction is much more interesting than simple immersion in 3D.

Turbulence is one of several recent experiments in interactive filmmaking, given new life by the advent of devices like the iPad.


For a new form of storytelling to emerge–particularly one with as many false starts as the interactive movie, which arguably dates back to 1983’s Dragon’s Lair, at least–a sort of theory ought to undergird it. Ben-Shaul’s thinking is intriguing in that he pays as much attention to how to disengage the interactive impulse as to how to engage it. A draft of a “brief” on Turbulence outlines “several principles guided by dramatic considerations,” the first two of which are: 1) “To cause the viewer not to wish to intervene due to his being in a state of curious or suspenseful expectation” (for moments when the action unfolds on its own), and 2) “To cause the viewer to want to intervene in the drama at places where an intervention will increase the dramatic experience.”

Fast Company

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Raja Yasir Nawaz - 26 December 2010 Reply

:: just to add on to this news ::

I made an interactive movie in 2005 called Desire (An Interactive movie) which was dvd based and viewer can choose between the given options and concept was about life you choose and move further same so Turbulence is not a new idea even in france recently they made a movie name 13th street where you can talk with the protagonist on cell phone while sitting in the cinema and tell him what to do in a situation where he has to decide some thing.

    admin - 26 December 2010 Reply

    Many thanks for this information Yasir. Does Desire have a website for us to investigate it and to maybe purchase a copy if we wished?

      Raja Yasir Nawaz - 26 December 2010 Reply

      I never made its website. Sending you link of the film festival page where it was screened and its face book page

      hope it will help you.

      If your company is interested as a producer and wants to finance I have a proposal

        admin - 27 December 2010 Reply

        Well done. I look forward to watching it at some point.

        We’re currently not financing any outside projects, but thanks for the offer.

Raja Yasir Nawaz - 27 December 2010 Reply

Thanks a lot and nice talking to you. Keep in touch.

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