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They didn’t, did they?

You wouldn’t believe this, or at least raise a serious eyebrow or two, but here goes:

This episode was shot entirely using Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras. These digital SLR cameras are primarily designed for still-picture photographs, but are one of the first to include high-definition video recording capability. These allowed the production team to work in very tight spaces, using minimal lighting, while also offering a very shallow depth of field putting the backgrounds out of focus, and making the work very challenging for the focus pullers. Original plans only included some scenes to be shot digitally, but eventually the Canon 5D cameras were used for the entire episode. After successfully using the cameras for scenes on the episode Lockdown director of photography Gale Tattersall convinced producers to film an entire episode using the cameras. The episode was filmed using a wide variety of lenses, on loan from Canon. Motion stabilization rigs were also used to make the cameras more like motion picture cameras.

The challenge is for you to guess which episode they’re talking about. It is one of my favourite shows on TV, quite famous and this particular production technique was used on its season finale. So ONLY click on the Read More link below if you’re ready for a serious spoiler as the full plot is revealed in the referred to page. You have been warned!

Please highlight the following line to reveal!
It’s the season finale of Season 6 of HOUSE MD!!! I couldn’t believe that they would do this at such a high profile show, but there you have it. If this isn’t proof that the lines between still and movie equipment is blurring, I’m not sure what is.

More details about the episode on Wikipedia.

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Hani - 29 May 2010 Reply

That would be House wouldn’t it?

    admin - 29 May 2010 Reply

    Indeed it would be! Isn’t it astounding what they’re doing with DSLRs and Canons in particular? We’re considering buying some prime lenses for our cameras now I’m seriously thinking if we should invest in Mark II instead!

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