Preserving Culinary Traditions – Jehad Al-Sherawi – Bahraini Views

Imagine starting a business with just BD20 (US$53) and after a few short years the company you started ranks number 1 in the country, and your products are sought after in the whole region and have become the prizes that people take with them wherever they go… even to Maine in the USA!

If you imagined that those products are to do with food, and are none other than various pickles, sauces and very basic ingredients without which a meal might rightly be classified as boring, then you’ll love to hear the story of this successful and humble Bahraini Entrepreneur.

Jehad has built an empire from his mother’s pickles and sauces recipes, and with his own special additions, he has taken the Bahraini culinary experience to the world through his Muharraq Pickles Factory.

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