Universal Rolling (Unirol) is the first and only steel reinforcement bars manufacturing plant in Bahrain.

Firing up its furnace and commencing production in February 2009 the birth of Unirol marked a momentous milestone for manufacturing history in Bahrain; keeping it in-line with the Kingdoms road to self-sufficiency and Vision 2030.

As part of their marketing and sales initiative, Unirol asked Arabia Video to produce a promotional film about the factory and the premium quality rebars they are producing for local, and regional customers.

The objective was to highlight Thermo Mechanical Treatment Technology (TMT) production process, the 8 mm to 32 mm rebar product range, the international standards they work in accordance with and the premier after sales service they abide to. The result: a fast moving, image led, final film, that features a mixture of interviews, voiceover and computer generated graphic work.

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