Forging Ahead - Sayed Fadhel Shubbar - Bahraini Views - Arabia Video

Forging Ahead – Sayed Fadhel Shubbar – Bahraini Views

Not being able to finish his formal education due to mitigating circumstances didn’t stop Sayed Fadhel from working at various low-level jobs with pride, learning from the experiences and recognising opportunities and taking them.

Starting from the humble beginnings of gutting fish and working as a labourer in the Manama Central Market to eek a living, he now owns a successful furniture manufacturing business with 8 skilled staff with a good returning customer-base and a decent turnover.

Under his diligence and hard work, and the help he received from the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) and the Bahrain Development Bank, The Silk House grew from manufacturing Arabic seating to now producing various kinds of furnishings and drapes.

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