The "Bahraini Views" initiative is launched today - Arabia Video

The “Bahraini Views” initiative is launched today

I am ecstatic to let you all know that after months of work, our collective efforts is seeing the light of day from today on national television, in both Arabic and English channels at the top prime spots: just before the main news bulletins.

We have also created a YouTube channel which I hope you will subscribe to and offer to all your friends and family to subscribe to as well. The channel is available at

In this very first broadcast episode, we explore Mohammed Janahi’s journey from technical school to the struggles and sacrifices he made to gain the highest diving certification and launching his young company which quickly dominated the commercial diving scene in the Middle East and Europe.

For more on the project, please visit Facebook, YouTube and Mahmood’s Den. More links will be added to alert you of any other changes.

Do let us know what you think, please comment!

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Hosam - 25 November 2009 Reply

Excellent idea. Real stories and real people are much more powerful than self appointed experts and specialists. Very inspiring.

    admin - 25 November 2009 Reply

    Thank you for your comment Hosam, much appreciated.

    I agree, my idea exactly encompasses this concept to get “real” people share their stories. There are a lot more people to come, we’ve released 12 so far, 4 more are in the pipeline and am working on more in the coming weeks.

    Stay tuned!

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