filmHOUSE – Manama, Bahrain

Troyden at his Softimage SGI workstation

Troyden at his Softimage SGI workstation

filmHOUSE is a film, video and promotions production company offering a comprehensive production and postproduction facilities. They have a permanent cosmopolitan staff of twenty skilled individuals headed by seasoned professionals with a combined experience of over fifty years in producing films, television series commercials and promotions.

filmHOUSE purchased their first high end graphics system in 1993: a Silicon Graphics Indigo Elan to run Avid’s Matador 2D paint and animation software.

in 1994 filmHOUSE purchased their second Silicon Graphics system: a Crimson/VGXT to run Softimage|3D modeling, animation and rendering software together with the Eddie composting engine.

as Softimage|3D became available on Microsoft’s Windows/NT platform, filmHOUSE decided to deploy their license on an Intergraph TDZ2000GL2 workstation.

In 1997 filmHOUSE decided to upgrade their audio facility with a nonlinear Avid AudioVision system, which was joined in 1998 with an Avid MediaComposer 1000 DNLE suite.

All off the equipment above are connected through the own local area network which facilitates the interchange of projects and ideas between the various suites.

We are proud to be associated with filmHOUSE and playing a small part in their success. filmHOUSE is now without a doubt the leading powerhouse of film, video and audio production and postproduction in the area. Their client include Coca Cola, BMW, Nivia, and other leading brands from around the world.

filmHOUSE is part of the Promoseven Holdings group which is based in Bahrain and has offices throughout the world.